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Erika Reaper (left), Russell Williams (center), and Roan Williams (right) discuss the previous days activities in San Jose, Calif. on Saturday, February 12, 2005.  Russell and Roan are a married polyamorous couple and Reaper and Russell have been involved in a committed relationship for almost a year now, with their spouses consent. Polyamory is a term meaning ?many loves,? which means that they participate in romantic relationships with other people.  What began as a sexual exploration with new partners turned to something more significant when Erika fell in love with Russell Williams last year, and she is now in a committed relationship with both her husband and Williams. (Photo by: Jayme Burrows/Brooks Institute) Polyamory: the act of having more than one romantic love at a time.  This is a photo essay on a couple who are involved in a polyamorous lifestyle where both of the married partners have loving, committed relationships outside of the marriage.