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Erika Reaper (left), 12-year-old Jason Reaper (center), and Michael ?Reaps? Reaper openly discuss the family?s untraditional lifestyle.  Reaps is seen here reading a brochure about an upcoming retreat for couples looking to have sexual connections with other couples while Jason looks on at their family home in Isla Vista, Calif. on Tuesday, February 22, 2005.  The Reapers are a polyamorous couple, which means that they participate in romantic relationships with other people.  What began as a sexual exploration with new partners turned to something more significant when Erika fell in love with Russell Williams last year, and she is now in a committed relationship with both her husband and Williams.  Since Erika's unexpected relationship with Williams has occurred, Reaps is now able to date other people outside of their marriage and jealousy often rears its head.  (Photo by: Jayme Burrows/Brooks Institute) Polyamory: the act of having more than one romantic love at a time.  This is a photo essay on a couple who are involved in a polyamorous lifestyle where both of the married partners have loving, committed relationships outside of the marriage.